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Here are the maps to where we fly. Most of the time, we fly at the soccer field, but when it's soccer season, or when the Police Athletic League has a special event, we my have to use another area.

Follow the directions and maps to both locations. If you have a question of where we'll be, you can either e-mail us or send us an address and we'll put you on our e-mail list. We try to keep in touch with each other so we know which site to use...

Ed Austin Park ( Soccer Fields )


  Directions to Ed Austin Park.

Take 9A, St. John's Bluff or Merrill Rd to Mc Cormick Rd. Follow down east towards Monument Rd. Park entrance will be on your left. Enter into park and follow road around to the Large Soccer field.

Park can also be entered off of Monument, north of the Monument and Mc Cormick intersection., or you can reach us by taking the Wonderwood Expressway if you come from the Beaches.