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Check back often as these pictures will be updated quite frequently...

"...don't even look at me, guys- my radio isn't even ON!"

Dave Dodd making flightline repairs to his Cub

Nice flightline shot

Murray Estes flies alot of warbirds.

Bill and Jerry deep in 'tech talk'.

Bill Hedge ready to teach some new, young pilots.

Bill Stirrett either deep in thought or just dumbfounded that it really flies!

Craig Hildstad's nice E3D.

Bob with a high launch of his new P-47.

Stearman line- up. Murray's's Super Stearman, along with Bill's Navy and Murray's Army Air Corps Kadets.

Bill's F-18 heading for the stars. Sorry to report that this plane was lost due to a radio glitch.

"Old Faithful". This 'scratch and bash' twin engine Slow Stick is Bob Masterson's longest surviving plane...

Bob Reynard launching his Ultimate Bipe.

Bill McNeal's new scratch built plane. Love them touch and gos!

These high altitude flights keep my chiropractor's kids in private school!

Bob's Ultimate in flight. Picture by Craig Hilstad

Bob and Dave share some conversation as Dave unloads his squadron.

Murray runs up the engine on his Super Stearman.

Good thing someone brought the Jumper Cables!

"All I need is some low wind, some Mc Donald's breakfast and I'm fine..."

Newest pilot, Rick, checking out his aircraft...

Bill runs his Outrage up for another flight.

Bill Mc Neal launches his Wingo on another mission.


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