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What: Electric R/C Aircraft

When: Saturday and Sunday at Dawn

Where: Ed Austin Regional Park

on the large soccer field

(Formerly The Dunes Golf Course on Monument Rd.)

(Entrance also on McCormick Rd)

This is not a formal club. There are no meetings or dues. We are just a group of guys who meet at the park on week end mornings to have fun flying our planes. Beginners, experienced, and spectators all welcome. Due to the early hours, no gas powered models please, as we dont want to disturb the neighbors. This is an ideal time to fly since the winds and temperature are much lower. Come join us. Hope to see you there.

Contact:Bill McNeal for directions or any questions. Email: or Bob Masterson at 904-762-0270, Email:

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08/25/10: The Dawn Patrol Family Day Picnic is quickly aproaching. This year, many have voiced that they want it to be held on Sunday instead of Monday. Please contact Bob Masterson at to make your choice. I have only heard from about seven people so far.

Jerry Nelson still holds the altitude reacord at 5142 ft. any challengers?

R.I.P. (Rest In Pieces)

News has it that Rolo is mourning the loss of his Twin Otter. I don't know the details, but I know it wasn't pretty. Rolo was heard muttering some naughty words as he left the field, though.


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